Avola is perhaps the best vacation spot in Sicily based on many reasons.  First and foremost there are no tourists in Avola.  This is a provincial fishing and agricultural village which has not been overdeveloped and in fact many of the roads do not have signs, not even stop signs so be careful when driving.  Secondly the beaches are the finest in Italy.  Warm waters, clean sand and when it gets windy you can even go surfing in Avola.  I've compiled a list of must do's while in Avola: 

trenitalia - travel from Catania to Avola Sicily

1. Visit - Canyon Cava Grande by Cassibile River (Sicily's Grand Canyon)

2. Sunbathe at the beach near the new marina

3. Visit the Thursday Farmers Market Contadino

4. Travel to Historic town of Noto (five miles away)

5. Visit the Avola Winery and try Nero d'Avola Wine

6. Visit Chiusa di Carlo citrus groves - sample the Limoncello

7. Go shopping at the mall known as Centro Commerciale Il Giardino 9am-9pm

8. Visit the local downtown historic buildings and infrastructure

9. Watch an opera or simply visit the majestic: Teatro Garibaldi

10. Enjoy the local fish market

Avola Sicily Tropical Vacation
cava grande del cassibile sicilia