Exploring Small Town Italy & Sicily  

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Carole Fantasma-Pepperdino 

Avola Sicily - Alluring yet Rustic & Picturesque 

Dec 2018

Avola is a town of 32,000 inhabitants in the far South Eastern corner of the triangled Medusa. The mountainous train ride on Trenitalia takes about 5 hours and is part of the enjoyment as you get to stop and change trains in Catania and Siracusa before the final voyage to Avola. Train fare tends to run anywhere from $10. - $20 each way depending on the day and season yet never exceeds $20. Hotels can be found for as little as $25. and as high as $100. so for the budget minded traveler this is truly a great waterfront destination in a part of Italy which is not as exploited as many.  To read more about Carole's fascinating trip to Avola   --> CLICK HERE