Italian Fisherman Discovers Another Lost City of Atlantis near Capo Santa Croce Sicilia
July 24th 2017. Erneggo Borgnini Basile is a 68 year Olive Oil Producer and Octopus farmer who resides in the remote hills just three short miles from the coastal town of Capo Santa Croce in Southeastern Sicily.  In his spare time Erneggo enjoy spelunking and while exploring a wooded part of his ranch happened upon 70 foot deep well that had been closed off for years and he was able to stumble upon it based on the fact that erosion had made a crevice visible to the naked eye.  Mr. Basile opened up the crevice with the intrenchion that he carries in his White 1978 Land Rover.  When he lowered himself down into the well he was amazed to find out that it lowers 50 feet and then opens up into a large water filled cave. He decided to return and make the opening large enough for a small boat and he brought with him search lights, diving gear, food and other supplies.  He toured the whole cavern and the middle section was a large 20,000 square foot room and below the surface were ancient greek artifacts that could be seen very easily with the spotlights through the crystal clear water.  He said he saw boxes of coins, columns, wine storage jugs and a device that looks like it might have been an ancient electric conductor.  He made it through to the very end of the tunnel and followed the light and even further amazed to find out that the end of it was half way down an inverted cliff and created a very small waterfall into the Mediterranean sea.  From the beach looking up its impossible to see the cave based on the way the rocks are slanted.  He plans to return with camera people and geologists in August 2017.  We will update this page as more becomes more info about the discovery becomes available.