Gioia Sicilian Ristorante in Fort Lauderdale, FL

5-Star Rated by Florida Italian Magazine - Mondo Italiano
Linguini Siciliani - Olio Alio with Breadcrumbs - Gioia Siclian Ristorante Fort Lauderdale
Gioia favole, flatbread and calamari Fort Lauderdale
Sicilian Cured Olives

Gioia is the culinary child of Pino Marino from Sicily and Toronto Canada.  Small restaurant and very authentic.  The basil actually grows in a wooden crate right in front of the restaurant.  When asked what makes good basil the answer was simple: Sunlight and Water!  The calamari is not the typical batter fried type yet it is very tasty with a squirt of lemon juice. Our waiter was from Washington D.C. yet he said one of his parents was from Mexico and the other from a Mediterranean Country.  The service was good!  The meatballs prepared for us were 70% beef and 30% veal!  The Gnocchi was the best we had ever tasted!  Cheesy and just the right texture.  The pasta was cooked to perfection, 10% over al dente and with just the right about of sauce.  Very flavorful!!  Gioia is a very small restaurant and that is exactly why its a great choice.  Oftentimes you can meet the owner/chef and make a request and he will oblige.  Gioia is located at:

3330 NE 33rd St, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308