Mazzanti Italian Supercars Appoints Loris Bicocchi as Head of R&D

Luca Mazzanti is a resolute person, eager to reach the perfection and aware of what the goal of a constant evolution means. Loris Bicocchi, the “King Midas of the Supercars” is the person designated by the boss of Mazzanti Automobili, as the person in charge of taking care of the entire development phase and testing of all automobiles produced by the Tuscan manufacturer from Pontedera.

The philosophy of excellence with which Luca Mazzanti has shaped his handmade Hyper-cars atelier since 2003 (year of foundation), is the same philosophy with which nowadays he is running his business around the globe. This vision has to be supported  by the few people chosen to become part of Mazzanti Automobili’s team. Loris Bicocchi, just back from the presentation of the Bugatti Chiron, which is the latest of his innumerable successes, comes to work at Mazzanti at the apex of his career. In the following months, he will have, among others, the task, besides others, to develop the Hyper-car Evantra Millecavalli on the street, exploiting also the synergies of Mazzanti Automobili.

The seeking of perfection arises in parallel sectors, as the technical partnership just signed with the LMP2 team, Cetilar Villorba Corse; that results in the assiduous collaboration with the three drivers Roberto Lacorte, Giorgio Sernagiotto and Andrea Belicchi, who will take part to the European Le Mans Series and to the legendary 24 hours of Le Mans.

“The arrival of the guru Loris Bicocchi as the chief of the Research and Development department represents a big step for my company and, at the same time, a confirmation that the direction taken is the right one”  Luca Mazzanti explains. “Thanks to the great experience he gained at working with the most prestigious and famous Super- and Hypercars brands all over the world, Loris possesses competences and technical know-how that really few people can boast. There is an old friendship between Loris and me, a reciprocal esteem and a strong and shared passion for the automotive world. Mazzanti Automobili’s team benefits from the entrance of another important professional and human point of reference.  

Loris Bicocchi: “After many years spent working around the world, developing important projects for many prestigious brands, it is satisfying to see that the future of handmade Supercars, once again, comes across Italy. The meeting with Luca Mazzanti inspired me; we immediately felt to share the same values and I fell in love with the philosophy of his company, Mazzanti Automobili. Then, once I drove the Evantra, my sensations became certainties. Now, we start developing the most important project for the present, Evantra Millecavalli, already looking at the future.”