AMORE -  South Florida Italian Singles puts the ORG in dating and meeting that special person. We unite: Italians, Italian-Americans, Sicilians, Sicilian-Americans, and true Italophiles (lovers of Italian culture) via offline in person events. Our events are held at upscale three and four star restaurants all over South Florida and we make it a point to involve charties hence the ORG in the domain name designation. Would you like to meet someone who shares your love of the Italian Culture? Perhaps someone with the same beliefs? South Florida Italian Singles is your source. We have over 300 members and are growing daily!


Requirements to join:

Must be Italian, Sicilian, or a True Italophile (lover of Italian culture & language) and reside in South Florida.


How to join:

Simply click on the facebook link and request to join the group


What are the demographics of the members?

 Age Range: 28-65

Sex: 50/50

Background: Italians 10% Italian & Sicilian-Americans 80% Others 10%

Religion: 90% Catholic, 5% Jewish, 5% Other

Median Income $90,000.

Primary Cities: Boca Raton, Miami, & Fort Lauderdale

Drinking: 70% Social Drinkers 30% Non-Drinkers

Smoking: 90% Non-Smokers 10% Smokers

Shared Interests: Pizza, Pasta, Vino, Cultural Events, Bocce Ball, Family Gatherings, Opera, Golf, Cigars, Travel, & Charity.