Mondo Italiano Magazine - Cover Model Search
Mondo Italiano magazine is seeking cover models for the next 3 issues.
Cover model does NOT mean actual model!!!  Hopefully a cover model would be a real American hero type with a firm handshake and a professional good honest human as opposed to some modern Hollywood influencer type!

September 2023 - $500
October 2023 - $500
November 2023 - $25,000.00

Selling the covers will help us transition from being a fun digital and print magazine which prints copies for special advertisers to being a full fledged mainstream magazine still growing the digital presence yet adding a solid print footprint!

If you want to secure the cover:
1.) Make payment on or before September 15, 2023
2.) Must have a large camera ready photo
3.) Accept the fact that if somebody else makes payment before you do that you might end up on the following months cover.
4.) Must be a good person with a good reputation!
5.) Must have a do-gooder story to go along with the reason that you are on the cover!  

Text Messaging Machine: 561-376-0033