Ed Garrubbo Releases Italian Food Handbook - GARRUBBO GUIDE: The Importance of Eating Italian
July 2020
   THE GARRUBBO GUIDE is a handbook to Italian food, wine and culture, including a Pasta Table, Food Glossary and Regional Menus, accompanied by fun and educational illustrations. It's a handy travel companion, a kitchen reference, but above all, it's an exaltation of the adventure of Italian cuisine!
In his second book, Ed Garrubbo takes readers on a journey that covers everything they need to know about the most popular Italian foods, from bread and olive oil, to prosciutto and mozzarella, to panini, pizza, and pasta . . . all the way to gelato, espresso, and sambuca! The comprehensive chapter on wine simplifies the elaborate world of Italian wine. Adorned with simple and happy illustrations, the book contains an extensive Italian food glossary and a detailed table of pasta shapes, as well as sample menus from Italy's 20 regional cuisines. Also learn the famous Italian "food rules" and a bit of history, grammar, and geography, all in a fun, easy, and stylish handbook. 

THE GARRUBBO GUIDE was inspired by my love and appreciation for Italian food and culture and its impact on everything from personal health and happiness to families and the environment," explains Ed Garrubbo. "Now more than ever, modern society is missing out on so much of what Italian cuisine can offer, thus, my mission is to promote and preserve its fundamentals, which rely on fresh ingredients, simplicity, and moderation. Italian food is also incredibly democratic – in Italy, all people generally enjoy the same basic and delicious food, and they're happier and healthier for it. Italy sets a great example on how to prepare and share food."

The Sicilian Family Cookbook

Authentic Sicilian Recipes

Do you have a Sicilian family recipe that you'd like to share with us? We are seeking interesting recipes for: Pistaccio Gelato, Home Made Wine, Meatballs, Bucatini Pasta Plates, Calamari Salads, Maccu, Spaghetti ai Ricci, Espresso Siciliano, Buccellato, Limoncello and of course Arancini! This is a new page as of February 8th 2019.  We will now be awarding recipe of the month and publishing it in Mondo Italiano Magazine starting with the next issue. After 24 months of receiving recipes we will compile the recipes and photos into a coffee table book known as The Sicilian Family Cookbook along with credit and mini biographies of the people who submitted recipes and made the book compilation possible. Please send recipe and any photos to jimmy iaco at: PleaseAdvertise@gmail.com
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