Sicilian Symbols - Culture, History and Protection from the Evil Eye
Mano Fico - The Fig Hand.  By placing the index finger over the the thumb (like some strange golfers do) the hand symbolizes a fig which represents female genitalia in a calmly slang manner.  The hand is said to ward off the evil eye.  This symbol has been popular in Sicily since the Roman ages and in the North of Italy it was also used by the Etruscans.
Cornicello - is a symbol of strength to fend off the malocchio.  These are very popular in Sicily and Southern Italy based on the fact that the horn is actually conjured from the Eland deer from Northern Africa. These are generally gold or carved from red coral.  The gold ones are also popular with Minnesota Vikings Fans and the red ones are very popular with Italian-American ladies in the Fort Lauderdale area of South Florida. It is said that you should not purchase one for yourself, it should be given as a gift.  The metal or gold cornicello should also be bitten by the love of your life!
Ancient Sicilian Hand Coin
The Powerful Hand - Mano Potente
Mano Cornuto - Hand of the Horn. Shaping the hand as if it had animal horns is said to put fear into the hearts of evildoers.  Some even believe that the two fingers could be used to poke eyes out.
The Trinacria - of course the most famous symbol of Sicily it symbolizes the triangular shape of the island itself. The original Roman name of the Isle was Trina Crium which in latin means three pointed star.  Although its very famous in Sicilian culture it did not actually appear on the Sicilian flag until 1943 when revolutionary Andrea Finocchiaro Aprile fought for independence.