Tony Fornelli finds Peace in the Kingdom Above - Chicago Legend Passes at 83
Mr. Fornelli left us on earth on June 28th 2017 yet leaves memories with family and friends that only legends of his stature can.  To say he was a hard working man was an understatement.  He was one of the countries most involved Italian-Americans when it came to promoting and expanding the culture in just about every way from festivals to civic centers and everything in between.  Among his many achievements:

  • Founder of Casa Italia (the Italian-American Community Center)
  • Organized Festa Italiana
  • Launched Italian-American Veteran's Museum
  • Chairman of UNICO
  • Donated Millions to Charity
  • Was a Cultural Ambassador to Jewish and Other Minority Communities 
  • President of Italian-American Political Coalition
  • Honored by Prime Minister of Israel
To think that a man with these and literally thousands of additional accomplishments got his start driving a meat truck is simply amazing.  RIP Tony and may the seeds of your labor continue on in your memory all eternal..,
anthony fornelli chicago legend