Best Pizza in Fort Lauderdale Award goes to Osteria Acqua e Farina by Attilio Reale

Truly the best pizza is that pizza which is YOUR favorite!  Some prefer the thin crust floppy NY style pizza, others prefer a thick Chicago style or Squared off ultra thick Sicilian Pie.  We at Mondo Italiano land somewhere in the middle and find the oven baked Neapolitan style with a slightly burnt crust, soft enough to fold yet firm enough to not flop over like a glass of water.  Attilio Reale has mastered the art when it comes to making a quality pie.  Reale uses both locally sourced flour and special semolina imported from Italy. The drizzled EVOO of of very high quality and the cheese is put on thick, the basil fresh and sauce tangy yet not overbearing.  Basil not wilted and while the crust might end up slightly burnt many real connoisseur's of the art actually love it that way.  Timing and technique are equally as important as ingredients and this master piemaker has the experience from many top notch ristoranti to parlay the picture into the pie.  Osteria Acqua e Farina is located at: 

1090 North Federal Hwy. Fort Lauderdale, FL 

Open for lunch and again from 5:30 till 9:30pm