Best Pizza in Miami Award Goes to Macedonian born former Italian Resident Klime Kovaceski at Crust Pizza Miami
Crust Pizza is located at 668 NW 5th Street in the Miami River District and they are only open for dinner from 5pm until closing time. The pizza at Crust is hearty enough to satisfy event the lover of Chicago style pizza.  The cheese is put on thick, the sauce is tangy and they do not spare on the meat.  The truffle pizza offers thick shaved parm, lemon juice and white truffle oil, another vegetarian option is the fruit and veggie lovers pizza which includes figs, pineapple, capers, broccoli and just about everything else in the garden. The meat pizza is with Italian sausage, ham, bacon, pepperoni, and meatball. The name of the restaurant is quite fitting as the crust of the pizza is very thick and doughy yet baked to a crisp perfection.  Not only is the pizza now rated as best in Miami but the service is right up their as well and the ambience is not bad either.  Its a small historic 1950's house that is painted black on the outside and the inside is decorated with black and white photos of Miami. 
crust pizza - best pizza in miami, fl