Cara Buono Lands Starring Role in a Soon to be Oscar Award Winning Film - ALL SAINTS

Cara has been nominated for many Emmy Awards and has won countless SAG Awards yet never an Oscar.  We think she could actually take home an Oscar for her performance in All Saints.  All Saints is the story of a Pastor who worked hard to reach out to poor people and immigrants in his local community.  The church was going through financial problems and the land was about to be sold.  The immigrants who attended begged him to keep it going and when he walked out into to the rain in a thunderstorm the answer came to him and he said good spoke to him:  You have Land near the church property - turn the land into a farm and with proceeds from vegetable sales you can keep it up and running.  Cara plays the part of the Pastors wife and delivers a convincing performance.  Its a huge difference from her role on Sopranos.  Cara has also performed in: The Gladiators, Waterland, Hulk, A Good Marriage, Law & Order, CSI, The Good Wife, and most recently with Reddington in The Blacklist.