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Welcome to Chicago Pizza Today Magazine.  Launched on October 13th 2017 we are the Chicago Pizza division of Mondo Italiano Magazine - Florida.  A directory of Chicago style pizza joints and pizza news to accompany the restaurant search.  Email us with your suggestions.  To advertise click advertise above.


Jay Iaco
When people think of Florida they may think of the fact that many Italians and Italian-Americans reside in the state but they get hungry they might not think of Chicago style pizza rather opting for coal fired pizza, NY style pizza and Italian flatbread. Florida is full of immigrants from Chicago and great pizzerias.  Some of the wealthiest and most aristocratic families relocated from Chicago to Florida.  Most Chicago people reside on the West Coast of FL i.e. Naples, Sarasota, Tampa - gulf coast area.  However the early relocation had some very notable business people relocating to Fort Lauderdale and Palm Beach.  Nicks Italian Restaurant in Fort Lauderdale and Serafina among many others on the east coast have Chi-town roots.
History of Chicago Pizza: Legend has it that the Chi-Town Pie was invented by the late restaurateur Lou Malnati and his wife Jean. The pizza was made thick and hearty to appeal to the people who reside in the cold tough windy city.  Applying the cheese directly to the dough followed by the ingredients and finally the red sauce (sugo in Italian) it makes for a thick piece of pie that can satisfy even the hunger of the residents of the city that has broad shoulders. Ike Sewell was the businessman behind Pizzeria Uno and also shares in the credit for the Chicago Style Pizza.