Italian-American Legend Dan Marino to be Honored in "A Football Life"
Airs Friday September 15th 2017 at 9pm
Dan Marino will now join the ranks of legendary football players across the country as they honor him in "A Football Life"  the show airs on Fridays at 9pm and will give a glimpse into the players life as they interview close friends, family members, coaches, teammates and even competitive players to try to bring out some of the more prominent moments, the good the bad the funny and the driving forces that made him the champion he was and is. Dol-phans will not want to miss this. Learn about his Italian and Polish roots in Pennsylvania, his being drafted by the Kansas City Royals and deciding to go into football instead, the kind of guy he was in college, highlights of mid career, retirement and why he chose to decline an offer to play for the MN Vikings. (weather?)  and some post football activities such as the Dan Marino Foundation and the new Marino Campus for children with autism.  Marino is not only a beloved quarterback in Florida he is respected as being in the top five quarterbacks of all time just behind Brett Favre.