The Liberals Pointed Their Fingers at Italian-American Basketball Legend Dick Vitale

Dems in East Ruthorford New Jersey accused Republicans of using Dick Vitale to syphon more votes into the Republican party by naming a basketball court after him in what they consider a popularity stunt.  Joel Brizzi is no longer on the city council but he indicated that the park was dedicated by the East Rutherford Civic Pride Association.  The city has since changed the naming policy and now require a vote.  Meanwhile back in the Bradenton suburbs Dickie V recently donated $3,000,000. at his annual gala for pediatric cancer. If you'd like to meet the man himself just travel to Bradenton and have some eggs at First Watch Cafe.  He is a regular there and odds are will be enjoying a cup of coffee and reading the local newspaper.

Some Famous Quotes by Dicky V

  • Life is simple.  Make good decisions and good things happen.  Make bad decisions and bad things happen.
  • A loser is someone who makes excuses and alibis and blames someone else for their losses and failures
  • People that don't know me think that basketball is my #1 priority. Trust me there is much more to my life and my number one priority is my family.
  • Twelve for 23.  It doesn't take a genius to see thats under 50%.
  • The courtside seats belong to the kids.
  • What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.