Florida Style Pizza

What is Florida Style Pizza?

Florida Style Pizza is two half moons of pie dough sealed together with all 

of the ingredients on the inside.  Battered and deep fried for just under 3 minutes.

Kind of like an Italian-American Empanada (PizzaNada) a deep fried calzone or a large


Q.) Who invented Florida style pizza?  

A.) Dual resident (FL & PA) Italian-American immigrants from 

South Philly.

Q.) Why deep fried?

A.) It tastes amazing!  Florida is a southern state with alot of tourism and booze. Greasy 

foods are recommended for and by people who like to booze on the beach.  The grease 

supposedly coats the stomach and the red sauce lowers the acetaldehyde levels in the 

gut which might help prevent hangovers.

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