Gary Spinelli Releases American Made September 2017

Italian-American writer Gary Spinelli teamed up with a great cast to write about a true story which occurred in the 1980's.  The cast includes Tom Cruise as the main actor, Sarah Wright, Darla Delgado, Bob Pralgo, Jim Gleason, Chris Escobar, Matt Mercurio, Slim Khezri, Robert Larriviere, Frank Licari, Fred Galle, Emilia Bella and others.  His production staff is quite impressive as well including the likes of Ron Howard, Jill Ahrens and Terry Douglas.  The makeup department is head up by Italian-American Sarah Monzani and Olga Turrini Bernardoni.

Judging by the trailer we don't think that the movie will take home any Oscar awards yet we do feel that it will be a profitable and popular movie just based on the theme of the CIA collaborating in drug smuggling in the 80's.  Baby Boomers will remember those times well, Generation X grew up in the 1980's so they will absolutely love the flick, Generation Y not so much yet the Millennials will completely engulf the genre based on their curiosity of that time era.