RIP - Jake LaMotta, tough chin Raging Bull Boxer Passes Away in Aventura, Florida

Jake's mother was Italian and his father was Sicilian from Messina which is the city that is closest to mainland Italy.  Jake grew up in Bronx New York and was known as one of the toughest guys in the history of the sport.  Known as tough chin and raging bull he had the ability to keep getting hit and not give up or give in.  The infamous St. Valentine's Day Massacre at the Chicago Stadium was the famous fight that most illustrated his energizer bunny ability to keep on fighting even when down.  He knew how to roll with punches much like a kung fu fighter in order to minimize the impact.  Jake trained actor Robert DeNiro for three months to portray him in the movie Raging Bull and DeNiro won an Oscar for his role in the movie.  Later in life the boxer opened nightclubs on Miami Beach and got into some trouble with the long arm of the law when an underage female sold her services at one of his lounges.  We believe that it might now be time to produce another movie about the boxers life that includes the past few decades which have primarily been unwritten about.