Jennifer Capriati Working with non-profit Organizations to Expose Abuse
October 2017...

Jennifer Capriati to Make a Major Comeback at 40 Years of Age

Jennifer has reportedly been training in secret with the objective of coming back on the court in 2018.  Formerly from Sarasota the Italian-American tennis star now resides on Singer Island in Palm Beach, FL.  She lost her father last year and had a pretty bad shoulder injury yet the liberal media makes her out to be destitute, a bad person and a drug user which simply is not true.  She did of course go though a period of grieving after losing Stefano.  Apart from that she is a perfectly normal person, her skin is glowing, she looks great and she is a staunch Republican who tends to be thwarted and put into the media green puke light instead of the limelight where she really belongs. If you really want to keep abreast of the world's greatest tennis star just read what she rights and posts on her twitter account at: