Sports NEWS: Former Florida Marlins Manager - Joe Girardi now let go from the New York Yankees???
The editorial staff here at Mondo Italiano Magazine are sitting here scratching out heads as we wonder how this could happen? 2006 with the Marlins it was understandable with a 78 wins and 84 losses.  But after 10 years of winning stats?  Lets try to conjure up some sense out of this:

Gerardi himself mentioned:
  • Personality Clashes
  • One Title in 10 Seasons
Brian Cashman mentioned:
  • Communication Issues
  • Not connecting on a field level with the players
The fans mentioned:
  • The news is very surprising.  Big Joe!!
  • The Yankees made a big mistake!
  • Baseball's highest paying manager can be replaced by a lower paid scab now that a good team is already in place.  SAD!
About Joe Girardi:
Joe was born as an Italian American U.S. citizen about 2 hours SW of Chicago, IL.  He is a legend in the sport of baseball which is now a 10 billion dollar per year industry.  He played with the Chicago Cubs, Colorado Rockies, New York Yankees, The Cardinals and then started his managerial career with the Florida Marlins. 2008 till 2017 with the NYY as manager and we are wondering if he will consider a job with the Minnesota Twins or just retire and enjoy life?  You've earned it Joe!