Little Italy Assn of Fort Lauderdale Board of Director's Election Meeting #1

Call to Assemble

A board of director's formation meeting was held on 10/3/2017 at 7pm and was presided over by President-elect Franco Fiore with Jay Shapiro as Secretary.


Members in attendance included: Franco Fiore, Pino Marino, Michael Umile and Michael Battaglia.

Voting members elected members to the following voting positions for terms of 3 years

Franco Fiore - President

Pino Marino - Vice President

Michael Umile - Treasurer

Jay Shapiro - Secretary

Michael Battaglia - Membership Director


Contact information was shared with all participants:

Franco's email: xxxxxx

Cell phone: xxxxxx

Pino Marino's email: xxxxxx

Cell: xxxxxx

Michael Umile's email: xxxxxx

Cell: xxxxxx

Jay's email: xxxxxx

Cell: xxxxxx

Michael Battaglia email: xxxxxx

Cell: xxxxxx

Action Items:

Board Members voted to contribute $25. each and forward such funds via paypal to Franco for the purposes of incorporating group as: Little Italy Assn of Fort Lauderdale on as a 501(c)6 non-profit membership organization under the understanding that we may need to operate as for profit until such time as non-profit status is approved by the state.

Board Members voted to appoint Michael Battaglia as Membership Director and pay a commission of 25% of membership revenues he brings in with a potential end of year bonus for strong results as agreed on by the board.

Board agreed to allow Franco to open a bank account in the name of the organization and to collect membership dues via paypal at: and via check made out directly to the organization.

Board voted to print "Little Italy Logo Stickers" for local businesses to place on their windows as they become members of the org.  Furthermore Michael Umile suggested that his daughter could help with printing the stickers in an affordable manner.

Board agreed to allow Jay to propose and print membership levels and have a membership application in place for an October 11th Italian networking night to be held at Gioia Restaurant from 6-9pm.