As you step inside Luigi di Roma, you are greeted by the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked bread and simmering sauces. The interior exudes an old-world charm, with rustic wooden tables, soft candlelight, and traditional Italian décor, transporting diners to the streets of Italy.

The menu at Luigi di Roma is a celebration of authentic Italian cuisine, featuring a mouthwatering array of pasta dishes, wood-fired pizzas, and classic entrées. From creamy fettuccine Alfredo to hearty lasagna Bolognese, each dish is crafted with the finest ingredients and prepared with skillful precision by the talented culinary team.

One of the standout features of Luigi di Roma is its commitment to using locally sourced and seasonal ingredients whenever possible. This dedication to freshness shines through in every bite, elevating the dining experience to new heights.

Luigi di Roma Opens in Deerfield Beach

They are located at: 718 So Federal Hwy Deerfield Beach, FL 33441.  The website is:  The place was opened in May by industry veteran Al Bova along with Johnny Vicari and Yousry Hosein.  They took over Frank & Dino's old location which moved to Merlino's old spot on 2nd steet in the Boca financial district. The opening was hosted by the Deerfield Beach Chamber of Commerce.  Entertainment slated for the new haunt includes Margo Brown on Wednesdays, Frankie T on Thursdays, Steve Di Tullio on Fridays and Saturdays rotate artists yet you will find quality acts like the legendary Mediterranean Ghaleb, Giovanni Fazio, Alex Lewis and Franco Corso.

Since we just found out about this the formal restaurant review is still in "PRONTO" status