Donna Italia Pivots to Help Small Businesses with a Unique Co-Venture Opportunity

May 26th - 2020 - MIAMI

  With the added challenges of COVID-19, the life of an independent foodservice operator is tougher than ever. While some states start to reopen their economies, according to forecasting groups, the US economy could take up to three years to fully recover from the impact of the coronavirus crisis. Even when restaurants will be allowed to reopen, it is expected that 60% of consumers will be hesitant to dine inside. With this in mind, foodservice operators must continue to rely on their delivery and takeout programs to survive.

To help support the Florida small businesses industry while the state recovers, Donna Italia, the unique turnkey pizza solution provider headquartered in Miami, has announced a new Pizza Joint Venture opportunity for independent foodservice operators, named Cloud. The goal of the program is to help their hometown businesses make an additional monthly profit by adding America's favorite food­­­–pizza–to their delivery and takeout menus, without investing a dollar of their own money. 

As part of the new Cloud program, Donna Italia will provide a professional stone-oven, pizza, and takeout boxes to an operator at no cost and contract-free. Donna Italia doesn't charge the operator any money until the pizza is sold, and then the two companies split the revenue.

"I believe an additional $1,000 of net profit or more a month can make a significant difference for a small foodservice operator, and we want to help them," noted Gilad Shalom, CEO and founder of Donna Italia. "Our main business has been affected like so many others. And right now, we have ovens in the warehouse, and we want to put them to good use by supporting our local foodservice community in these unprecedented times. We will help as many businesses as we can, on a first-come, first-served basis."

Donna Italia operates in thirteen countries. Their pizza is well-known among leading hotels, world-famous adventure parks, top golf clubs, casinos, and restaurants around the world for its authentic Italian flavor, high-quality ingredients, and innovative pizza/oven solution.

Donna Italia's pizza is made from four fresh, Italy-grown ingredients: the best flour, delicate tomato sauce from Italy's Polpa di Pomodoro, real Fior Di Latte mozzarella cheese, and olive oil. They are all-natural, prepared without preservatives, baking enhancers, or added sugars. 

The unique, plug-and-play Donna Italia Pizza solution consists of both a delicious pizza and a professional Italian-made stone oven designed exclusively for Donna Italia pizzas to ensure perfect preparation with ease and precision in just three minutes.

Providing speed, simplicity, and consistent quality, the ovens are small enough to sit on a counter-top and require only a regular 110v outlet for operation. No professional labor is needed. And because the pizzas can simply be popped into the oven upon ordering, the Donna Italia solution leaves no budget-busting food waste.

Pizza provides a strong, reliable business opportunity, and the demand for pizza continues to grow, despite the pandemic. Recent industry surveys show that 1 in 8 Americans eats pizza on a typical day, and pizza reigns supreme as the coveted millennial demographic's favorite food. Plus, as Shalom noted, the authentic Italian flavors of Donna Italia's pizza keep customers coming back for more.

For Miami businesses interested in adding Donna Italia's authentically Italian pizzas to their menus and reserve their free oven, complete an inquiry form online at

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