Miss (Mrs) Mondo Italiano Photo Pageant www.italianfotos.com
The Ladies of Decembre 2018

  Submit a few photos to us either via facebook or email: PleaseAdvertise@gmail.com and we will select one for publication at: www.italianfotos.com and the others will be published on a clickable link so that readers can see the other photos that you submitted. The winner will be announced on December 28th and will be awarded the title of Miss or Mrs Mondo Italiano January 2019.  The winner will have her picture on the front cover of Mondo Italiano Magazine and will be announced on the microphone at a Luxury Chamber of Commerce / Luxury Chamber Media Group event.

The Rules and fine print:
1.) Entrant must be Italian or Italian-American.
2.) Photos submitted must have been taken in Decembre 2018.
3.) Entrant agrees to allow us to publish the photos on our web pages and in print assuming we chose to do so.
4,) Photos must be submitted prior to December 26th 2018.

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