Rosaria Gismondi - Vincent Gismondi - Gail Guy - UNICO at Arturo's in Boca Raton, FL

Rosaria and Vincent Gismondi Sharing a Check with Gail Guy

  UNICO Highland Beach  Scholarship chairperson Gail Guy right receiving  a $1,000.00 check from Vincent and Rosaria Gismondi owners of Arturo‚Äôs Ristorante Boca Raton. One of  UNICO Highland Beach Chapter members who has chosen to remain animus has pledged up to $5,000.00 if other member

match it. We are off to a great start, said Gail Guy chairperson. The scholarships are offed to 12th grade students graduating from the 30+ high schools in Palm Beach County. Interested students can go to our web site for instructions.