The 10 Most Famous Italians Still Alive Till this Day!

Sophia Loren: Legendary actress and international film star.

Andrea Bocelli: Renowned classical crossover tenor and singer-songwriter.

Monica Bellucci: Acclaimed actress and international film star.

Valentino Rossi: Motorcycle road racer and multiple MotoGP World Champion.

Roberto Benigni: Acclaimed actor, comedian, and director, known for his film "Life Is Beautiful."

Valentino Garavani: Iconic fashion designer and founder of the Valentino brand.

Alessandro Del Piero: Former professional footballer and Juventus FC legend.

Tiziano Ferro: Successful singer-songwriter and record producer.

Piero Lissoni: Acclaimed architect and designer.

Riccardo Muti: Celebrated conductor and music director.

Some of our Celebrities Residing in Italia:

Willem Dafoe - Rome

George Lucas - Perugia

Madonna - Verona

Young Versace - Milano

Colin Firth - Umbria

Brad Pitt - Verona